Based in Dallas, Texas, Elite Cellular, Inc. is a global wholesaler and distributor of new and used cellular phones and accessories.  We participate in liquidation auctions and end of life programs with carriers and purchase directly from OEMs which provides us with a consistent supply chain.  We apply the highest level of quality on all our products.  Our product lines consists of the latest models from Samsung, Motorola, LG, HTC, Apple, Sony and many more.

Elite Celluar began its operations in early 2000 with a mission to become a de facto standard in the secondary wireless market.  We started our operations primarily focused on retail expansion and after initial success we were able to expand our operations to wholesale distribution.  Through our expansion over the years we have a full understanding of the lifecycle of the secondary handset market from initial manufacturing to end-user distribution.

Elite has built key strategic relationships over the past several years which have now resulted in a consistent supply for all of our products.  Our key trading partners include AT&T, Motorola, Verizon, T-Mobile, and Samsung.  

The quality of our products and the team that produces it is one of our greatest asset and a significant factor in our operations.  We employ the highest quality and testing standards on all our products and have very high expectations from our production staff.  Various production metrics are used to measure the performance of our operations and implement tactical and strategic initiatives that continue to improve our overall quality.

We have a collective 25 years in the cell phone industry and have a wide network of resources to support our existing and future expansion.  We distribute our products through wholesale, retail, and online channels both domestically and internationally and are well versed on domestic and international logistics.

No business can succeed without proper infrastructure, and we have implemented enterprise systems to insure there is full oversight on all our functional operations including sales, production, inventory and back-office. This technology combined with the significant investment in our facilities results in operational excellence and provides the proper footing for future expansion.